People We Want

Small in size, Strong in Competency. Thanks to the high productivity of our people, Verdcol has achieved good reputation and fast business growth in international market. We are always looking for high potentials who can be our backbone tomorrow.

We do not care where you come from and where you graduate from, we do care who you want to be and why;
We do not necessarily require a degree in business management, but you must have business sense;
We believe sense of responsibility and initiative values much more than the skills you have;
In your CV of past working experience, do not write what you are supposed to do, tell us what you have done;
If you are looking for a job at big corporation, please don't apply as we are small;
If you are looking for opportunities to learn, to grow, to experience, to create, and to receive genuine reward, we welcome your application.

Interested applicants please send CV to